I would, I would.

See through me I say,

See through me.

If I could say, I would.

I’ve burned in my heart the day

You found me.

If I man up, maybe I could.

I’ve been taken,

And broken.

Ripped apart,

And shaken.

That it was you who did the fixin’

Did I ever tell you darlin’?

If I ever man up, maybe I would.

You’re far way,

So far away

Yet every time I hear you say,

I love you

It makes my day.

Will I ever tell you someday?

If only I could man up, I would.

My man, I sing the blues.

You the one,

Colouring the hues.

You are the bestest view.

I would, I would

I tell you I would,

If only I should man up, I would.

My head, my heart

My mind and soul.

I love your art,

Like black to coal.

Your voice,

Cuts the pain in my soul,

I should man up and tell you, I should.

The distance is ill,

But you are the pill.

That takes the pain away,

I long to kiss your face someday,

The love burns and fires my soul,

Burn me more, your silence is gold.

I will man up someday and tell you, I would.

Why I love being in love…. with you.

I love you because you’re just as beautiful as you were the day I laid my eyes on you.

Because your eyes glisten more than the stars on a clear night any day.

Because yours is the only voice who fills my heart with joy.

Because you make me feel alive.

Because I love the hope and strength your loving arms give me when you wrap me in them.

Because you pull me from my lowliest lows and take me to the highest heavens.

Because I yearn for you when you think I’m not.

Monday April the 14th.

Time is running fast from me. It’s 2014 and April already. A couple of good things have happened. Let’s see what happens later.

Ranjit is just amazing. Speaking to him on my birthday was the best thing that happened that day. Vipin, Roshan, Piyush and Vish made the day better too. Cake, wine, food what ever. Mom, mama, Babes, Sravz, and everyone here reminded me I’m 24. Ugh! Age. Hate it.

Ranjit makes me go crazy. And crazy in a good way. He’s been waiting patiently for me just as I have been waiting for him. Do I know how lucky I am? No, pinch me please. That man has been patient with me all along. Why I love him is something I can’t put in words. How much I love him too is indescribable. The warmth and security of his arms wrapped around me, the hope I see in his eyes, the smile that makes me forget that I ain’t alone, his voice calm and re-assuring is what keeps me clinging to him. The parts of me that could tell you how much I ache for him are many. He’s the king, and I’m the queen of disaster. I need him more than he needs me. I’m guilty of falling in love with perfection. Oh how I wish he was here!! Wishing isn’t helping. If I am sad that he isn’t here, then it really screws up my day. I have all his YouTube videos on my phone, keep listening to them and his other videos just to fix myself up. I need him, I breathe him, I would never leave him.

Monday, April 7th.

Well it’s been almost over a month since I posted anything on tumblr. A lot has happened in the past month.

Well I did finish a semester and now moved on to the next. I also got to know the city better. It’s weird that I’m living across Radio New Zealand and iHeart Radio and just a short walk from TVNZ. How I’d love to eventually work there!

Well a lot more than just that happened. I ended up getting an internship with TechReviewer UK and may start writing for PhoneArena. Fingers crossed. Babe is amazing and she is fine according to the medical reports. Everyone at home is fine too. Arjun got engaged. I celebrated my birthday!!! The boys at home and everyone else made sure my Birthday was fun. It rained all night!!!

The best part of all that happened was speaking to Ranjit. How I wanted to hear his voice on my birthday! He knows how to lift up my sad spirit on any bad day. Love everything about that sweet man!

G.U.Y. got released. Can’t wait for West Coast from Ultraviolence!!

Can’t wait for Ranjit!